Expozoo 2019


We propose you to benefit from the free of charge Business Meetings’ service in order to optimize your meetings with qualified and targeted decision-makers.

Here are some information about the methodology, the steps to follow and the traps to avoid to make the most of this service.



Access your user dashboard / complete your profile:

  • Login into the web platform and access your dashboard with the link that has been send to you.
  • Login into the web platform and access your dashboard with the link that has been send to you.

Be sure to add your logo and your presentation’s booklet. Take time to correctly complete all the fields. It is based on those elements that the visitors will select you for meetings.


Make your meeting choice:

  • Approximately 3 weeks before the show, you will be able to send meetings’ requests to the visitors you would like to meet and reply to the ones who proposed you.

You have the possibility to motivate your demands; personalized the message regarding the visitor’s profile you’re asking.
Target visitors regarding their needs and not regarding the company they work for.

Do not decline a meeting with a visitor you already know. He might have a need that you haven’t identified yet.


Your meetings’ schedule:

  • The algorithm of our linking platform will take into account all the choices of doubly validated appointments as well as the availabilities of all participants in order to organize meetings’ schedules optimized to the fullest /maximum.
  • You will receive your meetings’ schedule by email a few days before the show.
  • You will be able to consult your planning daily updated directly on your dashboard.

Prepare your meetings. The visitors you will meet are expecting an effective meeting.

Do not try to contact the visitors before the appointment (via LinkedIn or other). They are coming to the exhibition and are using this service in order to avoid that and to optimize their visit and their time.


The appointments at your booth during the exhibition:

  • Your final meetings’ schedule will be handed to you directly at your booth before the opening of the show.
  • The visitors with whom you have scheduled meetings will come directly at your booth at the indicated times on your planning.
  • Our dedicated team will come regularly to check if the visitors respect their meetings’ schedule.

Save your best welcome for the visitors.
Be available at the meetings’ time.
Make sure that the visitor meets with the most legitimate person to address his needs.

If you respect these few advices everything should go well.
We wish you a good preparation for the show.